So how did 19th Whole Creations begin?

Good question.

Flash back to the summer of 1974. It was the last year my entire family (5 brothers, 3 sisters, mom & dad and a large contingency of spouses and grandchildren) were together in one place at one time (we celebrated Independence Day at mom and dad’s in White Bear Lake, Minnesota). An enjoyable, fun celebration in many ways. On November 18th 1974, my oldest brother, Navy Commander Michael Ettel, died while serving his country. On November 18th 2014 we held a memorial service in his honor. Family, friends and neighbors came together, and for some they reunited for the first time in 40 years.

August 2015. I scheduled a trip to Virginia Beach VA and Oceana Naval Air Station. This was the last stop on Commander Ettel’s earthly journey. His sons continued to live there and we spent many hours together, hanging out and naturally sharing stories. One story in particular stood out: My brother’s son Greg gave me a bottle opener made from a PING -  i15 (White Dot) -  RH (DEMO) -  7 iron. Greg knew I was an avid golfer (not to be equated or confused with good). He also knew I enjoyed a beer now-and-then. We had re-connected and the ‘seed’ had been planted.

Stories. The ‘fabric of our lives’. The important moments we look forward to sharing with our family and friends. Gifts from 19th Whole Creations are designed to help ‘weave these fabrics’. Let us help you Select The Perfect Gift for the avid golfer in your life.  You’ll find sharing your story and enjoying the benefits will easily go hand in hand.

Steve Ettel

Please note. All the clubs I offer are authentic and in a 'used' condition. You'll find they have the normal scratches, nicks and scuffs that a used golf club has.